Congratulations on solving the first puzzle. My name is Josh Morlan. I have always been a fan of cryptography.

From here on out each puzzle will vary in complexity; some very difficult, and some rather easy.

This site is dedicated to my life, and the ones that I love.


  1. This challenge is intended for computers (not phones or other mobile devices). Some programs you may require for certain challenges are only available on desktop computers.
  2. The Little Prince is one of my favorite books. I strongly recommend everyone on this planet read it. It will also be useful for progressing this challenge. You can read the pdf here: Download. Read it before you continue.
  3. In cryptography there are a number of 'brute force' programs that automatically try combinations over and over until it finds the correct one. None of the puzzles on this site are intended to be broken in that way and doing so would probably crash the server. Please find smarter ways to solve these puzzles.
  4. For hints email morlanjoATgmailDOTCOM